On Hair and women

or how hair shapes a woman's identity


It was the month of December 2014, I was walking around Place Victor Hugo in Paris, when I saw a lady and I instantly decided to follow her until I could take her portrait. We went around the square, took a slight right, I noticed a construction site, and as quickly as I could, I took my picture before it was too late. So began my obsession around women and their hair.

As a child, I was shy. I had long hair, behind which I hid my face. As a teenager, I cut them very short and did not know what to do with them. Today I spread them out; I am proud of them.

Each one has its spirit, its identity. It tells a lot about the person without even revealing her face. In our societies where women often succumb to cosmetic surgery, I try to find a common bond to all of us, the hair, what does it represent? This series started in Paris because I I am based there. There is surely a cultural and social effect due to the city itself. The people photographed are not necessarily French nor Parisian. Anonymity at the time of shooting is ultimate. There is in this gesture, a certain symbiosis between my act and my subject.

In parallel with these street photos, I am pursuing this study by interviewing other candidates who have had difficulties with their hair, this time in their private space. The work will be a kind of introspection, another way to understand the woman of today. While hoping to come up with a book where stories and portraits will be published all together.